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Selim Seliman Ensemble

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Selim Seliman Ensemble

Selim Seliman Ensemble has been played on NTS in shows including Adam Oko, featured first on 11 April 2021. Songs played include Allāh Ani Talabtak, Ma Talabt Al-Bakhil.

From the South Sinai, this group plays the traditional folk music of the legendary desert nomads, the Bedouins. With a declining population (about 200,000 as of 1997) and facing inevitable society changes from impending modernization, the preservation of their culture is critical.

The group consists of musical director, lead singer, 'ud (fretless lute) and simsimiyya (five-string lyre) player Selim Seliman; poet-singer and rabab (one-stringed fiddle) player Haj-Mohamed Ouda; singers Ghaneb Mohamed, Awad Gomaa, Mosallam Soliman, Aly Hemeid,…

Allāh Ani Talabtak, Ma Talabt Al-Bakhil
Selim Seliman Ensemble
Celestial Harmonies1998
Allāh Ani Talabtak, Ma Talabt Al-Bakhil
Selim Seliman EnsembleCelestial Harmonies1998