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The Federals

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The Federals

The Federals has been played on NTS in shows including Asher G's Caribbean Memories, featured first on 11 April 2021. Songs played include In This World.

The Federals is the name of more than one artist:

1) jamaican reggae group 2) 50's doo wop band 3) indie rock

1) The Federals were formed in Kingston, Jamaica, in the mid-'60s by Valman Smykle, A.J. Franklin (aka Franklin Spence), and Scotty (born David Scott) -- the latter two both born in Westmoreland and transplanted to Kingston -- who were performing professionally by the end of 1967. They were working in the Sombrero Club in Kingston when they were seen by…

In This World
The Federals
In This World
The FederalsCamel1970