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Flight has been played on NTS in shows including Tim Reaper, featured first on 14 April 2021. Songs played include Ruffer Than A Lion.

There is more than one artist known as Flight, including a progessive rock band from Stockholm, Sweden, an Indie Rock band from Liverpool, England, a Jazz+World Music band found playing on Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia, and a popular YouTuber/rapper from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Flight (UK) originally grew from the band The Movement and after various personnel changes the line up is David Algeo (Guitar and Vocals), Paul F Jones (Guitars, Keyboards, Electronics), Terrence Cullen (Drums and Electronic percussion) and Bill…
Ruffer Than A Lion
Big Vern, Evil Ed, Ram, Flight
1+1 Records1993
Ruffer Than A Lion
Big Vern, Evil Ed, Ram, Flight1+1 Records1993