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Emperors New Clothes

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Emperors New Clothes

Emperors New Clothes has been played on NTS shows including Trevor Jackson , with Unsettled Life (Chapter One) first played on 13 April 2021.

In 1987, a small record label was founded by Ed Piller and Radio London on air personality Gilles Peterson. The duo set out to combine the progressive elements of Jazz with the attitude of Hip Hop. Thus, the Acid Jazz label was born. Signing young, creative talents such as Chris Bangs (The Quiet Boys,) The Brand New Heavies, and A Man Called Adam, the label soon developed such a reputation, that most any music resembling the label's signature sound was referred…

Unsettled Life (Chapter One)
Emperors New Clothes (Underdog mix)
Acid Jazz1994
Unsettled Life (Chapter One)
Emperors New Clothes (Underdog mix)Acid Jazz1994