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Jesse Ed Davis

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Jesse Ed Davis

Jesse Ed Davis was first played on NTS on 16 April 2021. Songs played include Keep Me Comin'.

Born September 21,1944 in Norman, Oklahoma, Davis began his musical career in Oklahoma City, where his dad Jesse Ed Davis II had painted all of the Native American murals on the State Capitol building hallways. He was Kiowa (on his Mother's side) and his Father was Kiowa and Cherokee, although in his autobiographical song, "Washita Love Child," he sang that he was born in a Kiowa-Comanche tepee (Jesse Davis).

Ed began his musical career in the late 1950s playing in Oklahoma city and surrounding cities with John Ware…

Keep Me Comin'
Jesse "Ed" Davis
Keep Me Comin'
Jesse "Ed" DavisEpic1973