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Urban Electro

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Urban Electro

Urban Electro has been played on NTS shows including Kasra V, with Subhuman Patrol first played on 16 April 2021.

Urban Electro was formed by Frank de Groodt and Arno Peeters. Frank de Groodt is also known as The Operator and was part of the duo Random XS. Arno Peeters was part of the first generation of techno-artists in Holland. He started back in 1990 as Voltage Control to later become co-founding member of Random XS, (later to be replaced by Frank). He has released several albums like Spasms, The Implant and African Nightflight and also as a producer of several projects. His most recent release ("Aeroson")…

Subhuman Patrol
Urban Electro
Subhuman Patrol
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