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Maylee Todd

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Maylee Todd

Maylee Todd has been played on NTS shows including Astral Garden w/ Nailah Hunter, with Successive Mutations first played on 19 April 2021.

Meet quirky songstress, Maylee Todd, the multi-talented singer/songwriter with an appetite for obscure instruments. If you ask Maylee how she manages to play the Paraguayan harp as well as she does the guitar, she’ll tell you “anyone can do it.” But we’ve tried and that’s not true.

Born to an English/ French father and a Filipino/ Spanish mother, this skilful young lady has many strings to her bow (or harp, rather). You may know her from the humorous interactive aerobics events called "Sweatshop…

Successive Mutations
Maylee Todd
Do Right! Music2013
Successive Mutations
Maylee ToddDo Right! Music2013