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Testcard F

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Testcard F

Testcard F has been played on NTS in shows including Minimal Wave w/ Veronica Vasicka, featured first on 20 April 2021. Songs played include If Only If It Wasn't.

Minimal synth from Norwich (UK)

Formed in 1981, Testcard F were at the leading edge of Techno Pop, building their own electronic percussion and happily ignoring all musical conventions. From a modest start with a demo on Radio Norfolk (yes it used to feature local bands) the Testies amassed a small and enthusiastic following.

Live performances were enjoyably shambolic and involved hitting litter bins, coat racks and other items salvaged from UEA to give a human feel to…

If Only If It Wasn't
Testcard F
Backs Records1984
If Only If It Wasn't
Testcard FBacks Records1984