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The Aquanauts

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The Aquanauts

The Aquanauts has been played on NTS shows including NTS 10 CURATED BY DOPPLEREFFEKT: QUANTUM WORMHOLE, with Bubble Beats first played on 20 April 2021.

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A funk based entity affiliated to the Interstellar Fugitives as well as the infamous Drexicya, Aquanauts are not your normal electro-funk outfit. A hybrid electro-rock band which utilizis its guitars and computers as weapons to unleash sonic devastation and aquatic fury trough live electronic warfare and disseminating some of the most outstanding, beautiful and disturbing music committed to vinyl in the present time continuum. As a result of undesirable outside forces and constantly changing waves, the Aqaunauts transmuted…

Bubble Beats
Underground Resistance2003
Bubble Beats
AquanautsUnderground Resistance2003