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Princess Tinymeat

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Princess Tinymeat

Princess Tinymeat has been played on NTS in shows including NTS 10 Curated by Laurie Anderson, featured first on 22 April 2021. Songs played include Angels In Pain.

Princess Tinymeat is a project by ex-Virgin Prunes drummer Haa-Lacka Bintii (nee Daniel Figgis).

As Princess Tinymeat, Figgis released several singles, mostly of the 12" variety, and a few compilation tracks. These were all collected into the Herstory retrospective in 1986 and Figgis has since gone on to compose music that is more electronic music ambiant/avantgarde in nature.

Angels In Pain
Princess Tinymeat
Rough Trade1986
Angels In Pain
Princess TinymeatRough Trade1986