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Salomé De Bahia

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Salomé De Bahia

Salomé De Bahia has been played on NTS in shows including Moxie , featured first on 28 April 2021. Songs played include Outro Lugar.

Hip cats who’ve been bopping to acid jazz, sipping to bossa lounge, swaying their organic groove thangs to world-inflected dance music have already been dazzled by Parisian-based Brazilian chanteuse Salomé de Bahia. And chances are if you are one of the lucky who know of her, it’s via the international club hit, “Outro Lugar”—her glorious Brazilian cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Another Star”. This and fourteen other songs make up “Brasil,” the sunny, celebratory North American (Yellow Productions Recordings/Tommy Boy Entertainent) debut…

Outro Lugar
Salome De Bahia
Yellow Productions1999
Outro Lugar
Salome De BahiaYellow Productions1999