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Deaf School

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Deaf School

Deaf School was first played on NTS on 30 April 2021. Songs played include What A Way To End It All.

Deaf School formed in 1976 as an Art Rock Band. The members all students at Liverpool Art School, based in the Hannerman Building, a former ear, nose and throat hospital that treated amongst other ailments hearing problems. Hence the band name Deaf School. The group was lead by Steve Allan (Enrico Cadillac) on vocals; Bette Bright on vocals; Clive Langer on Guitar and Piano; Max Ripple on Keyboards and accordion; Steve Lindsey on bass Piano and Vocals; Timothy Whittaker on Drums; Ian Ritchie on…

What A Way To End It All
Deaf School
Warner Bros. Records1976
What A Way To End It All
Deaf SchoolWarner Bros. Records1976