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Aardvark has been played on NTS in shows including You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker, featured first on 27 January 2016. Songs played include What Has Water Ever Done To Me?.

Aardvark was a British band active in the 1970s, playing progressive rock, unusual in doing without a guitarist.

They gained some fame from the fact that Paul Kossof and Simon Kirke played in the band before leaving to form Free; following the pair's departure, Aardvark became mainly a recording band, though they only released one album, with the lineup: Stan Aldous (bass), Frank Clark (drums), Steve Milliner (keyboards, recorder, vibraphone), and Dave Skillin (vocals). …

What Has Water Ever Done To Me?
Ind*ctri, Aardvark
Kellerassel Records2021
What Has Water Ever Done To Me?
Ind*ctri, AardvarkKellerassel Records2021