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Hornet Leg

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Hornet Leg

Hornet Leg has been played on NTS in shows including F U Pay Us Radio, featured first on 4 May 2021. Songs played include Night Of The Phantom.

Hornet Leg started in the spring of 2003 as a 4 track project to exorcise the many demons that ran rampant through Chris Sutton's mind while not being occupied by his other projects C.O.C.O. and Dub Narcotic Sound System. Using primitive drum machines, keyboards, and guitars, this project produced a lone 4 song "cassingle" on the Dolo Records label. Performances showcased distorted beats mixed with stream of consciousness lyrics and occasional guitar meanderings. Shortly after this genesis…

Night Of The Phantom
Hornet Leg
Night Of The Phantom
Hornet LegK2009