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Eleven Twenty-Nine

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Eleven Twenty-Nine

Eleven Twenty-Nine has been played on NTS in shows including ARRHYTHMIA, featured first on 4 May 2021. Songs played include Leaf In A Whirlwind.

Eleven Twenty-Nine is the pairing of long-time American musician collaborators Tom Carter and Marc Orleans. They signed to Brooklyn’s indie label Northern-Spy Records for a two-record deal. Taking the name from blues parlance for a year long prison term, their first release was in June 2011 that provided pulsating, impressionistic sound with the depth of blues in an enigmatic free improv rock.

Carter, a guitarist, remains an active co-creator of the Texas homebrew psych pioneers Charalambides and curator of his…

Leaf In A Whirlwind
Eleven Twenty-Nine
Northern Spy2011
Leaf In A Whirlwind
Eleven Twenty-NineNorthern Spy2011