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Shaidar Logoth

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Shaidar Logoth

Shaidar Logoth was first played on NTS on 4 May 2021. Songs played include Consume Pieces Of God.

Shaidar Logoth is a two-piece Raw/Ambient Black Metal band from Minnesota, USA. They released a digital EP titled "Chapter I: The Peddler" in February 2011.

A limited run of 50 hand numbered black cassettes were released through A Terre Records in June 2011. CD's were released through Mordgrimm in January 2012.

A second EP, titled "Chapter II: The Ritualist", was released via Bandcamp in April 2015 and saw a physical release via Sol y Nieve Records in July 2015, as well as an LP release by Sentient Ruin.


Consume Pieces Of God
Shaidar Logoth
Sentient Ruin Laboratories, CAVSAS2020
Consume Pieces Of God
Shaidar LogothSentient Ruin Laboratories, CAVSAS2020