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Ümit Besen

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Ümit Besen

Ümit Besen has been played on NTS shows including The Last Playlist w/ Luis Felipe Farfán, with Kadere Şikayetim Var first played on 5 May 2021.

Ümit Besen (b. 1956, Osmaniye) represents the darker side of Tarabya school of electronic music. He started his professional career by playing keyboards and singing with his band at the local clubs in Adana, Southern Turkey. While he was in the army for his obligatory service, a brigadier-general (Brigadier in Commonwealth armies) liked his style and appointed him with the task of singing at the officers' mess.

After the completion of his 18 months service he returned to Adana. While…

Kadere Şikayetim Var
Ümit Besen
Kadere Şikayetim Var
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