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Tröckener Kecks

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Tröckener Kecks

Tröckener Kecks has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Lang Zo Aardig Niet first played on 5 May 2021.

Dutch-language punk rock group that became one of the most important and Dutch rock acts. Genres: alternative, punk, rock, Dutch.

Rick de Leeuw, Leo Kenter, Theo Vogelaars form Tröckener Kecks in Amsterdam, May 1980. The group's first single, Rick Ringers, is released one year later and is followed by the band's debut album Schliessbaum. The Kecks are inspired by the Buzzcocks and most of all The Undertones. Second single Niet Alle Meisjes Zijn Verliefd Op Kors ('Not All Girls Are In Love With Kors')…

Lang Zo Aardig Niet
Tröckener Kecks
Tröckener Kecks1982
Lang Zo Aardig Niet
Tröckener KecksTröckener Kecks1982