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Hino=Kikuchi Quintet

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Hino=Kikuchi Quintet

Hino=Kikuchi Quintet has been played on NTS in shows including Japanese Jazz Week, featured first on 7 May 2021. Songs played include Ideal Portrait.

This is a collaboration of the trumpeter Terumasa Hino and pianist Masabumi Kikuchi from the late 60ties.

The Hino-Kikuchi connection goes back to their sharing music theory classes with the same teacher. When these two put their talents together, boy-o-boy, the Japanese jazz scene really felt a shock of excitement ripple through the yet unexplored genre. Sadly in a way, both Hino and Kikuchi took their talents and musical careers abroad to New York.

Ideal Portrait
Hino=Kikuchi Quintet
Takt Jazz Series, Columbia1969
Ideal Portrait
Hino=Kikuchi QuintetTakt Jazz Series, Columbia1969