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Só Pra Contrariar

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Só Pra Contrariar

Só Pra Contrariar has been played on NTS in shows including Rio Doce, featured first on 7 May 2021. Songs played include Depois Do Prazer.

Só Pra Contrariar was a Brazilian musical group formed in 1989. The band is more known for its frontman, Alexandre Pires, who has launched a successful solo career after the band's break-up.

Band history

Só Pra Contrariar was formed in Minas Gerais, Uberlândia, in 1989 by singer Alexandre Pires, who was 13 at the time. Pires convinced his brother, cousin, and some friends to form the band for fun. They took the name from a samba by the Carioca group Fundo de…

Depois Do Prazer
Só Pra Contrariar
RCA Victor, BMG Brasil Ltda.1997
Depois Do Prazer
Só Pra ContrariarRCA Victor, BMG Brasil Ltda.1997