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The Lizard Train

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The Lizard Train

The Lizard Train has been played on NTS shows including 80s Rampwalk , with Seventh Heaven first played on 12 May 2021.

The Lizard Train were an Australian rock band from Adelaide which formed in early 1985. They released five albums, Slippery (September 1987), The Ride (1990), Get Yer Wah Wahs Out (1992), Couch (1993) and Everything Moves (1995). Australian rock music historian, Ian McFarlane, contrasted their early work as "a melange of screaming guitars did battle over a rumbling rhythm section. Yet, beneath the distorted riffs and lyrical angst, the band boasted a melodic and harmonic sensibility usually disregarded in such aggressive music" with…

Seventh Heaven
The Lizard Train
Greasy Pop Records1986
Seventh Heaven
The Lizard TrainGreasy Pop Records1986