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Dan Modlin & Dave Scott

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Dan Modlin & Dave Scott

Dan Modlin & Dave Scott was first played on NTS on 7 May 2021. Songs played include Round & Round.

Originally released on the same Indianapolis 1970s label as the classic Zerfas album, Modlin & Scott were briefly mentioned as ‘bubbling under’ in my list of Top 20 Reissue Candidates back in Ugly Things #24. I have expressed some reservations towards this record, but much like Relatively Clean Rivers my resistance is being worn away over time. It is not that far removed from RCR style-wise, with the California desert clarity replaced by pastoral Midwestern brooding.

Carrying a strong literary-cinematic feel, The Train Don’t Stop…

Round & Round
Dan Modlin - Dave Scott
700 West1976
Round & Round
Dan Modlin - Dave Scott700 West1976