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Pigeon Funk

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Pigeon Funk

Pigeon Funk has been played on NTS shows including PAVEL MILYAKOV, with Süsser Schlamm first played on 10 May 2021.

Pigeon Funk is the project of Bay Area producers Joshua Kit Clayton and Seth Horvitz aka Sutekh. They released the self-titled debut 12" in 2001 and a debut album with former member Matthew Patterson Curry aka Safety Scissors on the Proptronix/Onitor co-release Pigeon Funk! in 2004. Pigeon Funk return as a duo in 2008 with the new album The Largest Bird In The History Of The Planet… Ever! out now on Musique Risquée/Mutek label. They enlist a host of collaborators on various tracks, including vocalists, instrumentalists,…

Süsser Schlamm
Pigeon Funk
Süsser Schlamm
Pigeon FunkProptronix2001