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Andrés Landero

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Andrés Landero

Andrés Landero has been played on NTS shows including Carlos René, with Maria Del Carmen first played on 6 May 2021.

Andres Landero (1931-2000), exemplified the continuity of the cultural traditions of his pueblo, San Jacinto, both musically and thematically as the son of a gaitero. In a town whose cultural traditions revolved around the cumbia, bullerengue, fandango, etc., Landero crafted his conjunto in this vein. As a campesino within the context of a campesino culture, the themes in his music pride the essential values that the campesino necessarily attached to the land and his/her crops. In resistance to the commercialization of costeno music…

Maria Del Carmen
Andrés Landero
Vampi Soul2016
Maria Del Carmen
Andrés LanderoVampi Soul2016