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Asuka Ando

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Asuka Ando

Asuka Ando has been played on NTS in shows including Tuff Shed w/ Phil, Russ & Dan, featured first on 11 May 2021. Songs played include Wait Till Dub.

Asuka Ando is a Japanese reggae rock singer and songwriter born in Tokyo. A singer who loves vinyl records while wearing a mellow mood. Debuted in 2011 with the self-produced mini album "dream of you". The 7-inch single of "jiri jiri" recorded in it was released by Jazzy Sport and became a hot topic in the neighborhood. In 2015 Released the first full album "mellowmoood", which includes the 7-inch single "Let's meet you in my dreams-"…

Wait Till Dub
Asuka Ando
Gardenia Garden2019
Wait Till Dub
Asuka AndoGardenia Garden2019