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The Matadors

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The Matadors

The Matadors has been played on NTS shows including House Call, with Let Me Dream first played on 16 May 2021.

There are two bands called The Matadors:

1960’s Czechoslovak (Czech) beat band, whose ‘Get Down From the Tree’ has appeared on the famous Nuggets album.

In early 1995 Joel "Hooch" Parkins started a rockabilly band with his two friends "Creepin'" Jeff Sheppard and some other guy.

The Matadors were a beat band from Czechoslovakia. The members were Otto Bezloja (bass guitar, leader), Radim Hladík (lead guitar), Jan "Farmer" Obermayer (organ), Miroslav "Tony Black" Schwarz (drums) as well as Karel Kahovec (vocals, rhythm guitar) and…

Let Me Dream
The Matadors
Let Me Dream
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