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Drem Bruinsma

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Drem Bruinsma

Drem Bruinsma has been played on NTS shows including Aldous RH , with A Spirit Ditty first played on 17 May 2021.

DREM BRUINSMA a.k.a. BLIND COYOTE, Native Dutch, actually living and working in southern Spain, studied for about 8 years electronic music, sonology and visual arts at different academies in the Netherlands and abroad before becoming a soundman for electronic news gathering. As such he travelled to many countries, within and outside Europe. He moved to Brussels in the early eighties and started a creative production centre there, with a music recording studio at the heart of these facilities. At l’Echo des…

A Spirit Ditty
Steven Brown feat. Drem Bruinsma
Materiali Sonori1993
A Spirit Ditty
Steven Brown feat. Drem BruinsmaMateriali Sonori1993