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Vinicius Cantuária

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Vinicius Cantuária

Vinicius Cantuária has been played on NTS shows including Rio Doce, with Coisa Linda first played on 17 May 2021.

Vinicius Cantuária was born in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, living there until he was seven, when his family moved to Rio. As singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist, his career connects several zones of Brazilian music. And though his music is known for its decidedly twenty-first century feel, Cantuária’s band might best be described as ‘post-electronica acoustic’ – a band that includes jazz bassist Paul Socolow, Michael Leonhart (the young Steely Dan trumpeter) and a rotating crew of Brazilian percussionists Nanny Assis, Mauro Refosco and legendary drummer…

Coisa Linda
Vinicius Cantuária
RCA Victor1982
Coisa Linda
Vinicius CantuáriaRCA Victor1982