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Patrik Fitzgerald Group

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Patrik Fitzgerald Group

Patrik Fitzgerald Group was first played on NTS on 18 May 2021. Songs played include Animal Mentality.

Patrik Fitzgerald (born as Patrick Joseph Fitzgerald in Stratford, London, March 19, 1956) is a singer/songwriter. The son of working-class Irish immigrant parents, he began recording and performing during the punk rock movement in 1977, after working briefly as an actor.

Early recordings His early songs were generally short, sarcastic efforts, recorded with just an acoustic guitar and occasional studio effects, with lyrics containing a large amount of social comment. Fitzgerald was soon regarded as an original of his genre, somewhere between a punk-poet and an urban folksinger, and was…

Animal Mentality
Patrik Fitzgerald Group
Final Solution1980
Animal Mentality
Patrik Fitzgerald GroupFinal Solution1980