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Blue Mathue

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Blue Mathue

Blue Mathue has been played on NTS in shows including Minimal Wave w/ Veronica Vasicka, featured first on 18 May 2021. Songs played include In Our Dream.

Blue Mathue: A duo with Jan Berg born June 24 1963 Oslo Norway and Pål Kristian Bauge Helmersen February 1965 Mandal Norway.

Info pre history of Blue Mathue: A band from Oslo, started up by Geir Ødegård, Sven Erik Harberg, Pål Helmersen and Jan Berg in 1981. After three months of arguments between Harberg and Ødegård, the latter left the band. The trio Harberg/ Helmersen/ Berg recorded a demo, and in the summer of 1982 played at the Cafe…

In Our Dream
Blue Mathue
Uniton Records1983
In Our Dream
Blue MathueUniton Records1983