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Aerial Ruin

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Aerial Ruin

Aerial Ruin has been played on NTS shows including Goblin Milk, with Prelude first played on 18 May 2021.

Aerial Ruin is the partly acoustic solo project of Erik Moggridge - guitarist/vocalist for Old Grandad and Drift Of A Curse. Erik was also a member of late eighties/early nineties bay area thrash metal band EPIDEMIC. Aerial Ruin live shows and recordings feature both solo acoustic guitar/vocal performances and dual guitar explorations where Moggridge is accompanied by Eric Peterson of Lost Goat/Night After Night/Saturn Returns. Aerial Ruin has a self released 22 minute cd-demo entitled "133 306 668" which is available at shows and San Francisco's…

Bell Witch, Aerial Ruin
Profound Lore Records2020
Bell Witch, Aerial RuinProfound Lore Records2020