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Infest has been played on NTS in shows including Circle Packing w/ Occo, featured first on 25 May 2021. Songs played include You Got To Believe.

There are mutliple artists with this name:

1) Infest is an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1986 by Joe Denunzio, Matt Domino, Dave Ring and Chris Clift. They are considered pioneers of the sound now known as "powerviolence." The term was coined by their guitarist Matt Domino, who first used it to describe his other band, Neanderthal with Eric Wood of Man is the Bastard. Joe Denunzio’s vocals exhibited raw anger, with lyrical content about conformity, war, scene politics…

You Got To Believe
Infest, Mr. Walker
Uncertified Music2017
You Got To Believe
Infest, Mr. WalkerUncertified Music2017