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Thijs Van Leer

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Thijs Van Leer

Thijs Van Leer has been played on NTS shows including Martyn's Darkest Light, with Blue Windmill first played on 24 May 2021.

Thijs Van Leer (born 31 March 1948, in Amsterdam) is a Dutch musician and singer, best known for being in the progressive rock band, Focus.

Van Leer has also made many solo albums which were also classical music and jazz based.

His main instruments are flute and different types of organs. He also sings, yodels and whistles.

Van Leer received his first flute at the age of eleven from his father, a classical flautist. He studied History of Art at Amsterdam University; he then began studying…

Blue Windmill
Thijs Van Leer
Blue Windmill
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