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The Shy Guys

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The Shy Guys

The Shy Guys has been played on NTS in shows including Music 4 Lovers w/ Jabu & Andy Payback, featured first on 29 May 2021. Songs played include Goodbye To You.

There are multiple artists under the name of The Shy Guys:

1) A Orange County based EDM band. 2) A Michigan based 60's garage rock band.

1) On August 23th in the year 2013, a duo originating from the City of Angels assembled and decided to journey towards the awakening of a new sound. They venture to many stages readily equipped with the love of music and the energy and atmosphere of EDM. Humbly armed with…

Goodbye To You
The Shy Guys
M-U Productions1968
Goodbye To You
The Shy GuysM-U Productions1968