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Georgia White

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Georgia White

Georgia White has been played on NTS shows including Leila Samir , with New Hot Nuts first played on 29 May 2021.

Georgia White (March 9, 1903 - c.1980?) was an African American blues singer in the 1930s and 1940s. Little is known of her early life. By the late 1920s she was singing in clubs in Chicago, and she made her first recording, "When You're Smiling, the Whole World Smiles With You", with Jimmie Noone's orchestra in 1930. She returned to the studio in 1935, and over the next six years recorded over 100 tracks for Decca Records, usually accompanied by pianist Richard Jones and…

New Hot Nuts
Georgia White
Document Records1994
New Hot Nuts
Georgia WhiteDocument Records1994