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Electric Eel Shock

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Electric Eel Shock

Electric Eel Shock has been played on NTS in shows including Athenian Marketplace , featured first on 4 June 2021. Songs played include Rock 'N' Roll Can Rescue The World.

Electric Eel Shock (a.k.a. EES) are a Japanese celebration of Classic Rock, Punk and Metal. A true power trio (Aki Morimoto - Guitar & Vocals; Kazuto Maekawa - Bass; Tomoharu 'Gian' Ito - Drums) from the time before rock became fractured into a diverse multitude of sub-genres and we were all still one big happy Rock & Roll family.

EES formed in Tokyo in 1998, they first toured the United States in 1999 and came…

Rock 'N' Roll Can Rescue The World
Electric Eel Shock
Gearhead Records2005
Rock 'N' Roll Can Rescue The World
Electric Eel ShockGearhead Records2005