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The Serenaders

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The Serenaders

The Serenaders has been played on NTS shows including Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan , with Love Me Now first played on 1 July 2021.

There are at least two bands to have recorded under the name of The Serenaders.

A vocal group from the early 1950s who underwent several name changes.

A modern retrobilly band from Atlanta formed in 2007.

The Detroit vocal group got their start singing on and around the streetcorners of Hastings Street in the late 1940s. Starting out with 4 members, the founding group consisted of Theron Hill, Noah Howell, Ike Reese, and Norman Thrasher. …

Love Me Now
The Serenaders, Hal Gordon & Orch.
Teen Life1958
Love Me Now
The Serenaders, Hal Gordon & Orch.Teen Life1958