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Tito Paris

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Tito Paris

Tito Paris has been played on NTS in shows including Questing w/ Zakia, featured first on 3 July 2021. Songs played include Dança Ma Mi Criola.

Living in Lisbon, Tito Paris has been an active participant in the emergence of Cape Verde music. A fine guitarist, songwriter and singer with a sunny swing, he carries the joyful or melancholy of Cape Verde music everywhere.

When Cesária Évora recorded her first album, Tito Paris was there. He wrote a song for her ('Regresso'), conceived arrangements and played numerous instruments. This was a step, a memorable moment, but not the beginning. His history and involvement in music go…

Dança Ma Mi Criola
Tito Paris
MB Records1994
Dança Ma Mi Criola
Tito ParisMB Records1994