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The Bran Flakes

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The Bran Flakes

The Bran Flakes has been played on NTS shows including The Bennett Show, with Marcy And Joey first played on 16 July 2021.

The Bran Flakes are a sound collage group from Seattle, Washington who specialise in creating music from pre-existing sources. The group's members include Otis Fodder (in San Francisco, CA), Mildred Pitt (in Seattle, WA) and several special guests (located around the globe) who typically provide vocal contributions.

Along with other bands such as Negativland and The Evolution Control Committee, the Bran Flakes make extensive use of sampling, recontextualizing the samples into new works. The group scours thrift shops for obscure and quirky LPs;…

Marcy And Joey
The Bran Flakes
Happi Tyme Records2003
Marcy And Joey
The Bran FlakesHappi Tyme Records2003