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R Plus

R Plus has been played on NTS shows including Circadian Rhythms, with Hey Lover (Extended Mix) first played on 10 May 2018.

The Last Summer is the first of a planned series of albums by Rollo Armstrong under the moniker R Plus. The first singles from the album, Summer Dress and Those Were The Days, were released without revealing the musicians behind it, although eagle-eared listeners spotted the distinctive vocals of Dido on the song. Yes, the collaborative “Plus” in this release is none other than the producer’s sister. 
 R Plus began when Rollo was working with Dido on her recently released UK #3…

Hey Lover (Extended Mix)
R+, Amelia Fox feat. Amelia Fox
Hey Lover (Extended Mix)
R+, Amelia Fox feat. Amelia FoxArmada2021