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Abdel Ali Slimani

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Abdel Ali Slimani

Abdel Ali Slimani has been played on NTS in shows including The NTS Guide to…, featured first on 28 July 2021. Songs played include Mraya.

Abdel Ali Slimani was born in the U Anasser District of Algiers, the heart of a vibrant cosmopolitan port with one eye on Europe, the other on Africa. Music was a pervasive aspect of his childhood, from traditional Saharan and Berber dances, to Western funk, to reggae and Arab styles. During his teens he witnessed the explosion of Rai music, a youthful revolution headed by Khaled. Ali was entranced and dreamed of becoming a singer.

After traveling and working around Europe…

Abdel Ali Slimani
Real World Records1995
Abdel Ali SlimaniReal World Records1995