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Ang Grupong Pendong

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Ang Grupong Pendong

Ang Grupong Pendong has been played on NTS in shows including Manila Times w/ Vex Ruffin & Possiblemusic, featured first on 7 August 2021. Songs played include Dahan-dahan, Hinay-hinay.

The music of Ang Grupong Pendong is an exploration of the musical possibilities between Filipino indigenous instruments and contemporary musical forms. Predominant in their songs are the sound of the “KULINTANG”- an 8-piece graduated knobbed bronze/brass gongs indigenous of Mindanao, “KUBING”- a bamboo mouth instrument compared to the jaw’s harp, the “FAGLONG”- a 2-stringed lute-like instrument of the B’laan community in Mindanao, the “AGONG” and other percussive instruments played by the indigenous communities around the Philippines….

Dahan-dahan, Hinay-hinay
Ang Grupong Pendong
Dyna Products, Inc.1990
Dahan-dahan, Hinay-hinay
Ang Grupong PendongDyna Products, Inc.1990