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Carsick Cars

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Carsick Cars

Carsick Cars has been played on NTS shows including Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour w/ Barnaby Bennett, with Zhong Nan Hai / 中南海 first played on 9 August 2021.

Carsick Cars (围城) were formed in 2005 in Beijing, China known in European countries for opening for Sonic Youth at their idols’ 2007 Beijing show. Influenced by mostly European bands like Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground, Suicide, Glenn Branca, the Stooges, and Joy Division they play in that same style. There's a certain fearlessness to their music, one that is born of the confidence of the talented: they are not afraid to write perfect, instantaneously catchy songs,…

Zhong Nan Hai / 中南海
Carsick Cars
Maybe Mars2008
Zhong Nan Hai / 中南海
Carsick CarsMaybe Mars2008