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Kenny Gill

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Kenny Gill

Kenny Gill has been played on NTS shows including The Cosmic Principle w/ Nick Mitchell , with Valley Of All Brothers first played on 25 August 2021.

There are many Kenny Gills in music, playing instruments such as trombone, clarinet, guitar, and piano. Those knowledgeable should feel free to add on to this bio about those other Kennys.

Kenny Gill the pianist was a wildly unknown figure in free/spiritual jazz. Very few details are known about him outside those provided by his highly rare "What Was, What Is, What Will Be" LP, a 1970 release for the surprisingly well-distributed Warner Bros. records. On that album he…

Valley Of All Brothers
Kenny Gill
Warner Bros. Records, Raccoon1971
Valley Of All Brothers
Kenny GillWarner Bros. Records, Raccoon1971