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Yamin Semali

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Yamin Semali

Yamin Semali has been played on NTS shows including The NTS Breakfast Show , with The HotEP Intro first played on 24 August 2021.

With his latest single and video, the 'futuristic slapper' 'Never Leave', Yamin Semali celebrates his relationship-of-10-years with his MPC -'when I got you home that shit was like a honeymoon'. 28-year old Semali, also known as AmDex, and his MPC made their first public appearance on 'Strange Arrangement', the album of his crew the Vinyl Junkies (VJC). But it wasn't until one year later, that we really got into AmDex's music when he got down with DT to form the group…

The HotEP Intro
Yamin Semali
Yen Dollar Music2017
The HotEP Intro
Yamin SemaliYen Dollar Music2017