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Yui Onodera

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Yui Onodera

Yui Onodera has been played on NTS shows including Francis Redman, with The Garden 4 first played on 10 June 2018.

Yui Onodera (小野寺唯) is composer and multi instrumentalist based in Tokyo, Japan, mainly producing drone/ambient/minimalist material.

His works draw on environmental sound, field recordings, electronics, voice and electro-acoustic instruments. In 2003, he founded the electronic experimental music label CRITICAL PATH (, which is an outlet for Onodera's material and collaborative projects along with organizing experimental music events featuring artists such as Celer and Hakobune. In addition, he has composed soundtracks for experimental film, and sound design for contemporary dance and butoh.

The Garden 4
Yui Onodera
Dragon's Eye Recordings2018
The Garden 4
Yui OnoderaDragon's Eye Recordings2018