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Ikuko Mimori

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Ikuko Mimori

Ikuko Mimori has been played on NTS in shows including HE4RTBROKEN, featured first on 3 September 2021. Songs played include Pokémon Signs.

Ikuko Mimori is a Japanese composer and sound designer. She joined Tamtex, an Irem division, in 1986 and composed the music for many of their games. In 1994, she left and joined Koei a year after. In 1996, Ikuko left Koei and worked at Jack and Beans (HAL Laboratory), leaving in 1999. Some of her credits include Pokemon Snap, R-Type III, and Bomberman World.

Pokémon Signs
Ikuko Mimori
Chubby Kid Records2020
Pokémon Signs
Ikuko MimoriChubby Kid Records2020