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Michelle Blades

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Michelle Blades

Michelle Blades has been played on NTS shows including Mild Animals, with Fuck The Ghetto, Think About Space first played on 24 March 2017.

A few months after “Ring” Michelle Blades changes gears with “Kiss Me On The Mouth”, an unpredictable, intense and graceful single that came to being during several soundchecks on tour. The Mexican-Panamanian artist presents a bitter-sweet track that presents a character trying to persuade themselves of an innocence long lost while analyzing the vices of those around them. Filmed in Mexico City, the music video was directed by the collective Fuerza Basicas and feature Michelle Blades dressed in multiple outfits, picturing…

Fuck The Ghetto, Think About Space
Michelle Blades
Midnight Special Records2013
Fuck The Ghetto, Think About Space
Michelle BladesMidnight Special Records2013