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Oliver Shanti & Friends

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Oliver Shanti & Friends

Oliver Shanti & Friends has been played on NTS shows including Sounds Of The Dawn, with Listening To The Heart first played on 11 September 2021.

Oliver Shanti (Born Ulrich Schulz 16 November 1948 in Hamburg), later known as Oliver Serano-Alve, is a New Age musician. His group "Oliver Shanti & Friends" has recorded several CD's, including "Circles Of Life" - The Best Of Oliver Shanti (1997), "Tai Chi", "Seven Times Seven, "Alhambra", "Listening To The Heart", "Medicine Power", and "Rainbow Way"

Two tracks by Oliver Shanti & Friends were featured in the Buddha Bar compilations: "Onion Mweng (Rainbird)" in the Buddha Bar II compilation produced…

Listening To The Heart
Oliver Shanti & Friends
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Listening To The Heart
Oliver Shanti & FriendsSattva Music0