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Joshua Rifkin

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Joshua Rifkin

Joshua Rifkin has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Maple Leaf Rag first played on 22 May 2019.

Joshua Rifkin (born April 22, 1944 in New York) is an American conductor, keyboard player, and musicologist. He is best known by the general public for having played a central role in the ragtime revival in the 1970s with the three albums he recorded of Scott Joplin's works for Nonesuch Records. The albums - which were presented as classical music recordings - were critically-acclaimed, commercially successful and led to other artists exploring the ragtime genre. Rifkin's work as a revivalist of Joplin's work immediately…

Maple Leaf Rag
Joplin, Joshua Rifkin, Leonard Pennario
HMV Classics1994
Maple Leaf Rag
Joplin, Joshua Rifkin, Leonard PennarioHMV Classics1994